Who will be the next YOU?? Are YOU mentoring anyone for YOUR specific career? Our Kidz First was established with a focus on Middle School age children - where a change would have the most impact. We provide a platform where they are able to imagine who they can become. Help us to Expose, Engage & Inspire our Youths to Discover the Career of their Dreams! One of them can become the next YOU! - Advisory Committee

Upcoming Programs & Events

CAREER FAIR 2014: Tuskegee Airmen and More…

Our Kidz First Career Fair was held on 19 APR 2014 on the campus of Marymount University. We had many careers represented (please view pictures HERE) We were honored to have three Tuskegee Airmen of the East Coast Chapter attended the fair to share their lives and experiences with all children and staff present. Mr. Herbert Jones, Mr. William (Bill) Wilson and Mr. William
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Career Fair 2015: Discovery Education or Listen To Your Heart? Both!

Our Kidz First mission is “To Expose, Engage & Inspire our Youths to Discover The Career of their Dreams!” We serve children in Middle School only (6th – 8th Grade; ages 12-14) and work to bridge the gap between Middle and High School. It is at this age group that Children’s focus begins to shift to their future and the possibility of college and/or entering the workforce
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Career Fair 2016: Cybersecurity and Law – New Career Stations

It is very rare that children are given the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a Lawyer or learn about something that is headline in the news, such as Cybersecurity! So Our Kidz First is very excited to be partnering with Dr. Diane Murphy, Dean of IT and Cybersecurity and Marymount University and Attorney Karen Dunkley teaming with Attorney Erika Jefferson, to talk about different
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